Corporations and Training

To reinforce the organic collaboration with industrial and economic environments, the École has set up new forms of corporate partnership:
  • The 3rd year "industrial sponsorship" is an organized partnership, with exchange of services, reserved for a limited number of companies in return for a financial contribution. This sponsorship helps to make the companies concerned better known to students and gives them direct, privileged access to candidates for an internship or a job. It also gives them the possibility of intervening to make the teaching of optional subjects more appropriate to corporate needs. Every year, firms representative of all sectors of activity react favorably and participate in more than a hundred sponsorships in 3rd year Sponsors Committees.
  • This partnership approach, in keeping with the culture of the École Centrale Paris, has also led to the creation of the industrialists club called "Le Club TIME PLUS" which supports student exchanges in the framework of "networks" for double degrees from the École.
  • A club for corporate creators or rescuers, Centraliens and non-Centraliens, gives assistance and expertise to students who want, from the first year, to embark on an innovative project leading to a business creation scheme when they arrive at the 3rd year. "The entrepreneurial spirit" is today a reality and augurs well for the students being able to find investment backing for business creation at Centrale Paris.
  • Finally, the 1st year students "Integration Cycle" is an important element in arrangements for the reception of new students at the Centrale discovering for the first time the business world and the world of the engineer.

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